Colts to Rest Starters Down the Stretch?

Written by Kristopher Fiecke

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The Indianapolis Colts have clinched a division title, first-round bye and home field advantage thoughout the playoffs. With a 13-0 record, Coach Jim Caldwell might be tempted to employ a win-at-all costs strategy down the stretch in order to attain a perfect season.

But according to CBS Sports, Caldwell seems to have different plans for his team.

“It’s what’s best for us in terms of getting us ready to play well down the line. Obviously the most important games are the playoff games, and obviously we’re fortunate enough to be there, so we’ve just got to keep trying to get better and stay sharp and keep playing hard.”

– Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell

Caldwell’s been coy about his plans, saying only that “healthy” starters will play down the stretch.  Obviously that statement can be read a number of ways, as Caldwell could very well be talking about any number of players, not including his stars. But given Caldwell’s straightforward approach all season long with the media, it seems safe to say that we’ll be seeing plenty of playing time for Peyton Manning and Co. as the season winds down.

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