Players to decide on undefeated run in New Orleans

Written by Kristopher Fiecke

Topics: New Orleans Saints

Every year, the 1972 Miami Dolphins gather to pop the champagne cork once the last undefeated team suffers its first loss. This season, they’re eagerly waiting for the Colts and the Saints to drop their first game and protect their legacy as the only team to complete an NFL season without a loss.

This has been a hot topic in New Orleans and Indianapolis as of late. with many pundits questioning whether teams should attempt to finish the season undefeated at all costs, or rest the starters for the playoff run. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports that Saints coach Sean Payton will let the players choose how the team will proceed. Should the Saints wrap up home field advantage early, Payton intends to leave the decision up to his team.

When you have nothing to play for but history, it’s easy to second guess the coach if a key player is injured after the team has locked up home field advantage. By putting the decision in the player’s hands, Payton is taking some of the pressure off of himself should something go wrong. He’s letting the team decide what’s best. In the end, Payton will be accountable for whatever happens, but his decision shows that he trusts his team.

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