Faneca on the radar in Chicago

Written by Chris Kolb

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Former Jets offensive guard Alan Faneca has made no attempt to hid his frustration with his former employer over the past few days, complaining vehemently about New York’s decision to dump him onto the free agent market shortly after the draft finished up on Saturday evening.

Both sides have legitimate gripes with the situation, as the Jets clearly didn’t have room to keep Faneca on the roster, not to mention the money to so, whereas Faneca is likely upset because his release is coming now instead of earlier in the off-season when he could have driven up his price quite a bit more that he can now.

That said, it’s doubtful that he’ll be out of work for all that long, considering the need for quality blockers around the league, and there have been more than a few teams to express interest as of late.

One of those teams is the Bears, who according to ESPN Chicago’s Michael Wright, are taking a hard look at bringing Faneca in for a visit in the near future. At this point, nothing has been set in stone, but given the need for a solidifying presence in the middle of Chicago’s offensive line, it’s not likely they would let him leave town without a contract offer in hand.

Here’s what Bears general manager Jerry Angelo had to say when questioned on the topic:

“We are looking at players like Alan. We have things to do in terms of evaluation; obviously, the cap [although one doesn't exist for 2010]. Those issues have to be looked at as well. We certainly will look at Alan, as we will any good player that’s out there.”

– Chicago general manager Jerry Angelo

As always, we’ll keep an eye on how things play out in this situation and let you know if anything changes.

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