Browns looking to trade for Kevin Kolb

Wed @ 1:56 pm – 610 WIP’s report has been confirmed by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, who went a step further in saying that “multiple teams” have contacted the Eagles about a possible trade for Kolb.

Teams likely to have been in that group include Buffalo, Arizona, Oakland, and Jacksonville.

12:58 pm – The drama surrounding Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb took yet another turn this morning, with Cleveland reportedly calling the Eagles to inquire on Kolb’s availability.

Sportsradio 610 WIP Philadelphia broke the story first, claiming Brown’s GM Tom Heckert called Reid to discuss a possible acquisition of Kolb, only to be rebuffed for the time being. The deadline to complete any in-season trades is Tuesday October 19th.

Just two days ago, Kolb was proclaimed fit to play and the starter in Philadelphia by head coach Andy Reid, but that decision was overturned less than 24 hours later, after pressure mounted from within the organization and outside of it to keep Michael Vick in that role.

Benching Kolb in favor of Vick after just two quarters of play was shocking enough, given Reid’s steadfast support of him being the future of the Eagles franchise earlier in the off-season, but having is name bandied about in trade discussions is unprecedented, at least in Philadelphia.

There’s still plenty of time before the trade deadline, so it’s possible that the Eagles are content to take a wait and see approach for the time being, as anything could happen in the interim.

If Vick plays well going forward though, expect a full court press by interested teams to commence in a hurry, as Kolb clearly has the skills needed to be a quality starting quarterback in the NFL.

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  • Eric

    What is funny about this is that while Heckertt called about Kolb I haven't read or heard any reports about the Browns being interested in McNabb.

  • redsoxmaniac

    People don't mention this, but Kolb got replaced by QB that may go down in history as one of the top 10 QBs of all-time. We always use the "He wasn't a great QB before he went to prison" charge, but remember that at QB on a horrendously offensive team, he won 60% of his games.

    He was the only QB (Eli Manning later in 2008) to beat the vaunted Green Bay Packers at Lambeau in the playoffs. And he DESTROYED that team.

    Kolb will never have to look over his shoulder, because there will never be a situation where a future hall-of-famer QB still in his prime is on the bench. Most likely what will happen is that they could franchise tag Vick like the Pats did to Matt Cassel and get some picks off Vick.

    They can also have him go nuts the next two weeks and trade him later on in the season. Based on how they have treated Vick, upper management does NOT want him to be their QB of the future. But if they want to get something from to build a better team around Kolb in the future, right now they need him to dance for scouts on the field.

    Vick = wins + marketing + money + NFC East contention + future compensation + Kolb still is franchise QB.

    I don't know, but that looks like a good equation to me. People don't understand, but that is why there aren't a lot of people that don't understand management.

  • Pocket_rocket

    him and refuse talks from any team that was inquiring. You are another ill-informed reporter that has not done your homework. The Eagles saw practices and what Vick was doing. Nobody is an idiot and certainly not Andy Reid. Andy is going to go down in NFL history as making one of the most dangerous ingenious decision in pro-football history; signing Michael Vick amidst all the pressure he knew was coming his way. Hats off to Eagles management and ownership because they knew the heat was headed their way also.

    They endured and will have the last laugh. As long as Tony Dungie, Vick's family, and the 'good people' surrounding Vick can stay in his corner, he will do just find.

  • NFLNewsRumors

    Who's calling Reid an idiot? Not me… I was simply reporting the news out of Philly, and while I think that Reid made the right choice in the end, I also feel that he went about it the wrong way. He never should have stated that Kolb was his starter going forward only to reverse that decision 24 hours later.

    Having the ability to stay vague when discussing gameplans, injuries, and other player/team news is an important trait to have as a head coach, and like it or not, Reid clearly failed at doing that this week.

    Thanks for the comment…

  • Luisced

    Let's see what happens when Vick goes nuts because things are not going his way. Hope they trade Kolb, make it easy to keep the Eagles on the bottom of their division by the end of the season

  • Mike L

    I strongly disagree. What has Vick done? He has played a short period of time (1 1/2+ games) and you cannot get a good read off of that Kolb had similar stats in his two starts last season. Looking closely Vick has had everything fall into place to look good. He was playing against a sort (keep everything in front of you) defense against GB and the Lions gave up the most points, most yds and a 6.1 yards per attempt to be last of any team last season. Is Vick a better choice now? Maybe? Is he a better choice in the playoffs? Not sure if Kolb had a season to develop. The problem is THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GAME EXPERIENCE all you are doing is delay his development into a starting QB. Vick may help the Eagles to another win or even two. But from what we have seen from the Eagle's defense they are not going deep into the playoffs. One important stat to focus on: who was the top rated QB week one? Vince Young. Yet he did not look the same guy week two against Pittsburgh. In fact Kerry Collins scored a garbage TD and had a better statisical game. Yet we are not talking about sitting VY. Giving into the fickle Philly fan base will not help Andy Reid. Sorry, poor choice long term.

  • Tom

    Michael is past his prime and Reid dropped his future because Vick barely beat Detroit, which is really a bad team. In addition, Vick is a bad person and I suspect Vick had a hand in Kobe not getting support from the front line. I hope they trade Kobe where he can get a fresh start. Andy Reid is a HAS BEEN that never was.

  • Casey

    I knew this was coming it was just a matter of when it was going to come. I thought Kolb fold by week 5 but it turns he didnt even make it that far. They need to stick with Vick and let Kolb ride the bench because he obviously isnt any better and I think Philly realized the horrible blunder they made by getting rid of McNabb. I especially love how this site wrote an article about how kolb killed a snake with his pocket knife and declared that he was going to be great becaus he had done that. Bottom line is Vick is the better QB and he needs to play so stop whining about it Eagles fans and let the man shine. I think Vick needs to redeem himself afer everything he went through over the last four years.

  • Bob

    Kudos to you Tom. I live in Philly area and have NEVER been a Reid fan; in fact I have said that this team will never win anything as long as McNabb and Reid are here…….we're half way there now. I like Kevin Kolb and the players seem to relate to him; Vick, on the other hand, albeit he has talent, will always be a thug in my mind (i.e. the dog fighting thing) and nothing he can do will ever change my mind on that score. I hope that Kevin goes someplace where he can showcase any talent he has (or not) but at least he won't be constantly looking over his shoulder.

    Right now, tho, i'm busy rooting for the Phillies!

  • Angel

    It looks like Vick proved all the haters WRONG!! He rocked the house tonight! Glad Vick is back and he will lead the Eagles to victory this year! All you haters just watch him:)

  • bill

    Vick is the answer ,,just wait until next week against the redskins

  • Charlie

    what a fool ! you haters can STOP watching football think Vick or anyone else cares. Never been to a game in your life have you Sorry what life

  • t.j.

    angel just like usual you are an idiot

  • Joecode

    You failed at grammar, punctuation, and capitalization so poorly that it is safe to assume that a spell checker is the only grace that saves you from complete illiteracy.

  • Vule

    excuse my grammer cause im a high school drop out! I was n still one of Vick biggest fan!! is kinda bad that im a diehard cowboys fan, been leaving in dallas tx for 19yrs. What happen a couple of years ago broke my heart! Yes it was crude! But instead of judging him! i believe in him, he aready serve his time, n im not going to bring up othesr celebrity n sports stars crime to prove a point ! Redemption to me is so important. N Vick will do just that! I believe 100% until he prove me wrong! I have 2 beautiful boys n one day when they grow up n Vick will be one of those story that can teach them that eventhough u did something bad but how u change urself n become a better person will defined who u are!! God bless n go Cowboys

  • Sandra

    I heard the Bills might be interested in Kolb if he is let go…. any comments?

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