Chargers seeking major haul in Jackson deal

It’s become more and more apparent as the season has moved on that San Diego’s front office is the impetus behind wide receiver Vincent Jackson staying put at home, and not playing elsewhere this year.

Confirmation of that arrived tonight, in the form of an ESPN 1500 Twin Cities report by beat writer Tom Pellisero, that indicates the Chargers have remained steadfast in their desire to receive two second round picks in return for Jackson’s services, matching the compensation brought in by Denver in their trade of fellow receiver Brandon Marshall.

For their part, the Vikings seem reluctant to pay such a steep price for a player that may only suit up for a mere 12 games before departing via free agency next year. Talks will likely continue through the night and tomorrow morning, but as of right now, the ball is squarely in the Chargers court and they don’t seem to be all that interested in finishing what they started.

A separate report out of San Diego indicated that Jackson’s agents have put together several proposals that potential trade partners have agreed upon, but once again, San Diego’s front office is holding the process up, preferring to wait until teams meet their exact asking price.

Pelissero also relayed the other news coming out of Minnesota today concerning a free agent wide receiver, with Hank Baskett signing with the Vikings in an effort to bolster their lackluster offense. Baskett was just recently released by Philadelphia, and should see time immediately on special teams.

As for Jackson, the window of opportunity for him to play this season seems to be slipping away in a hurry, as teams only have until tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 pm EST to complete a trade and still retain the deal he negotiated with the league to reduce his suspension to just four games.

Any trade after the deadline will keep Jackson off the field until week seven at the earliest, and it’s doubtful that teams will be willing to meet the Chargers asking price for such a limited return.

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  • Hookem

    I think there is a 95% chance he will get traded to Vikings. I heard Vikings plane was flown to San Diego today.. I am not saying anything but I am saying.

  • Colin Moore

    The Chargers are being stupid. Why hold on to him when he is not gonna play this year and leave anyway? They could at least grab a 2nd for him from some willing team. They are handling this situation just as badly as he is.

  • dennis

    the chargers are all to well know for letting great players go

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