Chargers open to Jackson trade; Rams bowing out?

For some time now, the Chargers have remained steadfast in their desire to keep wide receiver Vincent Jackson on their roster, in spite of his threat to sit out the entire season in response to his lackluster contract situation.

But all of that could be changing, as we get closer to Saturday’s 53 man roster deadline, and while San Diego hasn’t publicly stated they’d be willing to open up the phone lines to anyone and everyone for a trade of Jackson, there’s little doubt they’d prefer to get something for him now while they can.

The alternative is to watch while Jackson stays at home all year long and walks from the club once a new collective bargaining agreement is completed sometime next year. Obviously that isn’t a scenario that benefits the Chargers in the slightest, making it imperative that they find a trade partner this weekend to get a decent haul back in return.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, an arbitrary deadline of Saturday afternoon has been imposed on the trade discussions by the Chargers, and although for the time being the only option is Seattle, other clubs are likely to express their interest between now and then.

One team that may not be participating any longer is St. Louis, as they feel there’s “too many moving parts” in the deal, which in NFL speak is an indication that the asking price on all fronts is too much for their liking. The Rams will undoubtedly stay involved in the discussions, but for the time being, they’re comfortable with moving on to focus on the players they already have, making a Jackson acquisition unlikely right now.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date with any information that comes along.

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