Eagles have no desire to trade Kolb

Written by Chris Kolb

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This week has been chaotic to say the least for the Eagles and their head coach Andy Reid, as the team’s decision to bench quarterback Kevin Kolb in favor of Michael Vick has come under intense scrutiny from both the media and many fans.

It’s also generated a whirlwind of rumors, flying every which way around the internet, concerning Philadelphia’s supposed intent to trade Kolb before the league deadline on October 19th.

Reid didn’t do himself any favors in that regard, as he opened the door to those rumors earlier in the week by indicating that he couldn’t say for sure that Kolb would be with the Eagles all season long. That prompted several calls from other teams around the league, including the Browns, who have a definite need for a franchise caliber quarterback.

Those discussions were short lived though, as the Philadelphia made it clear that Kolb isn’t available. That sentiment was cemented into place for all intents and purposes earlier this morning, as Jason LaCanfora reported on the NFL Network that the Eagles are not looking to trade Kolb “at all.”

Time will tell if those words will hold true, as it will become very difficult for Philadelphia to sit on Kolb, especially if Vick is able to play at the same level or greater than he already has this season.

In any trade, the Eagles would be the recipients of a significant compensation package in return for Kolb, and that may be enough to entice Reid and Co. to pull the trigger in the coming weeks.

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