Impasse between Jets, Darrelle Revis at boiling point

Written by Chris Kolb

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It’s been the subject of much discussion this off-season, from casual fans around the watercooler to the producers of HBO’s hit series Hard Knocks, and in spite of rumors floating around earlier this week indicating the end was near, the cold war brewing between New York and All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis is on the verge of becoming a full fledged shooting affair very soon.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole, the Jets are running the very real risk of alienating Revis so much that he’ll shut down the negotiations altogether, eliminating any chance the team may have to sign Revis to a long term contract and keep him in the fold.

Much of Cole’s prognosis comes from pure speculation on his part, but there is definitely more to this story than just that, with both sides in this drama doing everything they can to paint the other in a negative light in an effort to push their agenda to the forefront.

Revis’ demands at this point are overly inflated and if he wants to play this year, he’d be wise to lower his proposal enough to give the Jets a reasonable exit in which they don’t lose too much face.

That said, given the way New York pimped Revis’ skill level and overall talent last season, it’s hard to have much sympathy for their plight as its mostly of their own making. Head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum did everything they could to encourage the love fest for Revis, even allowing the city of New York to get in on the act, with Mayor Bloomberg going so far as to rename Manhattan Island to “Revis Island.”

At this point, the Jets almost have to acquiesce to Revis’ demands, unless of course they’re comfortable with the notion of not having him on the field for them this season, in a year where many pundits have picked them for a Super Bowl berth. Taking a risk and moving on without him is not something New York can afford at this point, and while Revis still wants way too much, if the Jets negotiate in better faith with Revis’ team, it’s likely they’d be able to sneak away from the table without giving up the entire farm.

All in all, both sides have a lot at stake in this mess, making it unlikely that either will budge from their position all that far, but seeing as the Jets have more to lose than Revis does at this point, the onus will fall on them to make a deal happen in the coming weeks.

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  • John

    how stupid of a comment is it to say the Jets have more to lose than Revis? The Jets will still play football. There is Jets football without Revis. There is no Revis without the Jets.

    Never reading any article on this website again.

  • jetsjerk

    I hope the Jets are wearing steel tip boots when they shoot themselves in the foot!

  • Chris Kolb

    John… you’re reading too far into what I wrote here. You’re thinking I’m saying that the Jets are completely lost without Revis on the field, and might as well give up, but that’s not the case.

    What I was trying to say was that the Jets have a lot to lose if they can’t get Revis back, in that their aspirations are basically Super Bowl championship or bust. Not having Revis hurts them tremendously, and could end up costing them their shot at winning it all this year. So my thought is that they should do what they can to sign him now. That’s all.

    Hope you drop back in again… thanks for the comment.

  • NFLNewsRumors

    John… you're reading too far into what I wrote here. You're thinking I'm saying that the Jets are completely lost without Revis on the field, and might as well give up, but that's not the case.

    What I was trying to say was that the Jets have a lot to lose if they can't get Revis back, in that their aspirations are basically Super Bowl championship or bust. Not having Revis hurts them tremendously, and could end up costing them their shot at winning it all this year. So my thought is that they should do what they can to sign him now. That's all.

    Hope you drop back in again… thanks for the comment.

  • Andrew

    Really!?!…the Jets PIMPED Reevis's talent last year. Thats the craziest statement i've ever heard. He signed a F'ing contract, and got paid millions of dollars to play football. Poor Reevis. He had one good year, then woke up one day and decided I dont have to honor something I already agreed to. Meanwhile, Charles woodson makes like 6 mil a year, wins defensive player of the year and cant wait to play another season.

  • Larry C

    The problem for Reevis is that if he holds out for the season he may miss 2 years. That could be too much off time for this or any other player. No CBA in place for next season. If nothing changes than what? He is stupidly following in the footsteps of his uncle.
    Jets did make errors here. Think they have been stupid too. Woody might need to open personal purse strings to get this done. Besides they need Reevis to sell PSL's

  • Willy

    How selfish can a player be then to spite himself for possibly a couple of years, and then limit his potential earnings on the free agent by missing all that time.

  • Luciano

    Revis, Revis, Revis…..grow up man. There are thousands of families just hoping to pay the rent this week and many more out of homes. Go visit Detroit. What up? How much is enough? What about your contract? With all due respect to the sportswriter of this article…there was a contract. Maybe Mr. Revis won't get …what does he want?…48+ million or so, but he will get what he deserves or near it and he sure won't be going hungry, losing his house, having to face his children (when he has any) and feeling impotent as a father, a man and a bread-winner. I feel he needs a new agent. Revis, (for all practical purposes) is just a kid out of college. I am sure his ability to defend himself (as a young man in a world of professional negotiators) is limited. He is placing to much trust in his agent, and in my mind, his agent is a fool. Pro sports does not forgive long abscences.

  • Maz

    Just get it done, Jets are starting to lose co-hesiveness and confidence , they keep this up don't even think about play-offs. Damn coaches already figured this out it showed in practice and pre-season. Damn bean counters don't take in account the guys that get them paid "The Fans"..remember those people….

  • Irish

    This whole thing is freakin crazy. The last time I looked he had a contract, plain and simple. Here is a question,imagine the Jets or any other team that has great players decide to sit out like Revis. Do you pay them all? We are in a Depression not a recession and to have a guy who has made millions already is flat out selfish. The Jets offered as a good will to renegotiate his contract so he would see more this season"so It did not work out and he still won't honor he's contract" so sick of these cry babies in the NFL….One more thing, if he is not as good as he was the year before the new contract does he give back money ever year?

  • Johnson

    Jet's need a decent qb, not sanchez. He's horrible! everytime he throws the ball, bad things happen. WHy need Revis when the Jets are like the TITANIC. The ship no matter what with or without REVIS.

  • nyk joe in fla.

    This whole thing not only wih Revis but with all the millionaire crybabies that need a union. You sit there ans have your so called drooling agaent and you and your posse look at the contract and thn sign it fully understanding what it means, you sign for a 5 year deal on your new BMW, BUT THE SECOND YEAR U SAY, OH I WANT A NEW DEAL, WELL IT AINT GOIN THAT WAY, ALTHOUGH I LOVE HIS TALENT, HE HAS HAD ONE GOOD YEAR, NO TEAM SHOULD BE ABLE TO TOUCH ANY PLAYER THAT HAS SIGNED A MULTI YEAR AND THEN HELD THAT AS HOSTAGE OVER A TEAMS HEAD, AND THE SAME GOES FOR THE TEAMS, NO RESTUCTURING TILL THE END OF THE CONTRACT, LOOK UP THE WORD!!!!

  • jetsman

    wow this thing with revis is going on to far , first i agree that revis needs a new agent . if holding out is dessision he is making on his own then hey do u. but dont let the agent hold u bac he should do what he wants to do.

  • joe b

    Another spoiled athlete. Reminds me of Latrelle Sprewell, another spoiled selfish athlete who got exactly what he deserved. If Revis doesn't see the light he may have to sit for all 3 years remaining on the contract he signed when he took his signing bonus and up front money. His daily fine for not reporting will eat into it also. Poor Darrelle !!!! LET HIM SIT

  • gang11green

    Revis should wake up and smell it. There are so many great players leaving their teams to play for a Championship caliber team and a chance to play for a Lombardi. Man what the hell does he want, everything?!?! He is not the only reason the Jets are going to contend for a championship. There are 52 other players helping the team win games. Then there is a difference from playing defense and playing offense wich he does not have any part of. The last time i checked, it was Charles Woodson who won the defensive player of the year. That stupid award he hot from ESPN is something that just got started not so long ago. Give me a break and man up to your contract. The commish should force players to honor their contracts so hold outs will be a thing of the past. A contract is legally binding and should be looked as something you have to obide by law. It's bad enough they are getting payed millions to play a kids game. Some of the players in the NFL are so stupid they don't even know how to speak correctly. WTF. Think about the fans and your fellow team mates and stop thinking about only yourself……..


  • Richard

    Come on Revis,
    we do need you but the jets will play with or without you.
    Is it that you plan on doing what your uncle did…get the big payday after your traded.
    What if the team is rebuilding or just not that good….you have no say if your traded.
    What then? Theres also the possibility that you may have to wait 2012, there may not be a 2011-12 season. Good luck bro.

  • inda296

    How is it "selfish" for a player to:
    1. Not play football?
    2. Limit his potential earnings?

  • inda296

    I looked up the word.
    Does this mean that The SeaHawks should "honor the contract"…and pay T.J. Hous(vowels) for the remaining 4 years of his "contract"? After all, he signed a five-year deal for 40 Mil…LAST YEAR…and was cut over the weekend!

    Why does Revis have to have a "Posse"…and do you know that he has one?

  • inda296

    PLEASE do a SPELLCHECK before you critique the language usage of others…:-)

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