Jackson saga still playing out in San Diego?

After last week’s arbitrary deadline came and went with no trade being finalized, the feeling around the league was that Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson would be watching the remainder of the season from the comfort of his living room.

But according to NFL.com’s Steve Wyche, the possibility still remains that Jackson could be dealt by San Diego to a team in need of a quality receiver, prior to the trade deadline on October 19th. Wyche has spoken to at least one general manager that feels that will be the case, in spite of the Chargers hard ball tactics.

Obviously a lot would have to happen to make that scenario come to fruition, as Chargers general manager A.J. Smith has made it utterly clear that he expects a compensation package consisting of no less than a second round pick in next year’s draft, and a third round pick to go with it as well.

The Vikings put together an offer that was close to that last week, with a second round pick and a conditional selection based on Jackson being signed long term headed to San Diego as part of the deal, but they were shot down by the Chargers before the deadline came up.

Other teams that have shown interest in making a trade for Jackson include St. Louis and Seattle, and it certainly wouldn’t be shocking to see Jacksonville enter the fray, with the poor play they’ve had thus far on offense.

In the end, anything is possible in this league, as crazier things have certainly happened over the years, but it will be a surprise to say the least if Jackson finds himself playing this season in a different uniform, given the stance Smith and Co. are currently taking.

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  • WindyCityFlyer

    Vincent Jackson to CHI for Tommie Harris?

  • the dude

    AJ Smith is an idiot…..isn't he the same genius that let Drew Brees walk.


    Let's be real for a moment… we ended up with river's who is just as good. If Jackson doesn't want to play for us then see ya!!! he's good but he not worth what he think's he's worth. my advise is play out your contract. if he' play's bad can we give him less money? answer NO.


    Let him sit… im so sick of these baby's wanting 40 billion doller contract's before there, already contract still exist. he's good but if he dosn't want to play for us( good day sir)

  • bolthead123

    The same Drew Brees that had his shoulder pretty much destroyed at the end of the final game of the season? The Chargers made a decision based on information they had at the time. Oh yeah, despite what seemed like a catastrophic injury (according to the doctor's report) they offered Drew money to stay at least one season with Philip Rivers waiting in the wings.

    Would it kill you to at least read some history before making a moronic comment?

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