Ravens roster move backfires as Jets sign Pryce

Every week, the majority of teams in the NFL make procedural moves to release minor players temporarily to have enough spots on their game day rosters to dress the players they need for a particular game. In most cases, the player(s) let go are resigned a week or two later, after the team in question is able to get healthy at a position of need, or they’re put on the practice squad if eligible.

That script was flipped this week though, as the Jets have reportedly signed defensive end Trevor Pryce, after he was let go by the Ravens yesterday afternoon in an effort to free up a spot to sign safety Ken Hamlin.

Pryce has a long standing relationship with New York head coach Rex Ryan, from their time spent together in Baltimore, and while it seemed as though the Ravens would simply resign him after this Sunday’s game against the Steelers, the Jets and Pryce had other designs.

Given his less than stellar play thus far this season in Baltimore, it’s doubtful that Pryce’s presence in New York will amount to anything more than additional veteran leadership in the locker room, but it’s possible that being reunified with Ryan will spur Pryce to be more productive throughout the remainder of the season.

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