Report: Edwards declined NFLPA car service

Written by Chris Kolb

Topics: New York Jets

New York wide receiver Braylon Edwards took another hit this afternoon, as a report surfaced that indicates Edwards chose not to take advantage of multiple safe driver programs run by both the Player’s Association and the Jets, prior to his early morning arrest for driving under the influence.

The program offered by the Jets, known as PlayerProtect, offers 24 hour ride service and security for players, with no cost to the player using it aside from the actual fees for the ride. PlayerProtect’s agents are licensed to carry weapons in all 50 states, eliminating the need for players to do so themselves.

Edwards was stopped early on Tuesday morning at 5:00 am in Lower Manhattan and asked to take a breath test, which revealed his blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit in New York. He was arraigned on a DUI charge later that day.

Currently, Edwards is not facing any sanctions from the Jets or the league as a whole, however his arrest in New York could lead to more significant trouble in Cleveland, where he’s currently on probation for his role in an altercation outside a nightclub.

Edwards could also be subject to a suspension from the league if he is convicted on the DUI charge or pleads no contest, as it would fall under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

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