Branch to Patriots discussion heating up?

It’s been a few days since rumors of a possible deal between New England and Seattle for wide receiver Deion Branch first surfaced, and while the connection is certainly there in Branch’s friendship with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, there’s been little from either side to indicate a deal was in the making up to this point.

But despite the lack of smoke, a fire could still potentially be brewing, as Branch was reportedly held out of practice today in Seattle for personal reasons. Obviously, that excuse could be cover for almost anything, but it’s interesting to say the least, as it’s unlikely that the Seahawks would let Branch practice if they were close to completing a deal that would move him elsewhere.

Brady refrained from getting into specifics, but he had some difficulty in hiding his desire to reunite with Branch, after the Patriots sent Randy Moss back to Minnesota late last week.

Since departing New England several seasons ago, Branch has done next to nothing in Seattle, but playing alongside a healthy Wes Welker and having Brady toss him the ball certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Although it’s not enough to go on just yet, we’ll keep an eye on this situation for the time being, as it’s beginning to look more and more like the Patriots will be on the hunt this week for a receiver capable of stretching the field vertically.

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