Childress goes off on officials, Favre in loss to Packers

Coming off a disappointing four point loss in Green Bay tonight, Vikings head coach Brad Childress took the opportunity to vent his disgust with the officials, calling the contest the “worst officiated game” he’s ever seen.

His comments will almost certainly draw a significant fine from the league, as he called out multiple officials by name for their decisions on the field. Childress took specific umbrage with the reversal of tight end Visanthe Shiancoe’s touchdown reception, saying it was clear that Shiancoe controlled the ball all the way through the catch.

“It’s hard when they take touchdowns off the board. I must not understand a catch in the end zone for them to take Shiancoe’s off the board,” Childress said. “That’s not the way it’s taught, that’s not the way we’re told … That’s wrong. That’s wrong. They said he didn’t control it and he controlled it. If the litmus is 50 drunks in a bar, those 50 drunks say that’s a catch.”

Childress’ other comments were directed specifically at his quarterback, Brett Favre, calling him out for not playing within the system. Favre made several questionable decisions with the football throughout the game, none more so than his pass directly into the waiting hands of Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop, who raced basically untouched into the end zone for a touchdown.

Childress indicated in his post-game comments that he considered pulling Favre from the game, which would have been an unprecedented move, and one that would surely inspire significant discontent within the locker room, given Favre’s status with the team.

It will be interesting to see if the two can patch up their relationship enough to make it through the remainder of the season, as it’s become apparent that Favre and Childress have completely different ideas of how to run the offense  and the entire team is suffering as a result.

If last year is any indication, the pair will find a way to get on the same page at some point or another, but whether it will be in time to save the Vikings season is anyone’s best guess right now.

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    Childress is only qualified to recruit talent and build a team but in no way should he have anything to do with how the team is coaches and how they move the ball on offense He doesnt respect anyone He brought randy moss over to only help his stupid running game He hates favre and his perspective of the game Childress is not qualified to be the vikings head coach period

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    run run pass run run pass

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