Jackson trade talks dead after Patriots back out

The outlook for Vincent Jackson has gone from bad to worse in recent weeks, with would be suitors falling by the wayside as the Chargers demands for compensation have not lessened in the slightest.

But after discussions between New England and San Diego failed to get off the ground, it’s looking more and more like Jackson is going to have to come back to the Chargers with his hat in his hand just to salvage his free agent status.

According to CSN Northeast’s Tom Curran, those discussions never really had a chance, as the Patriots interest was limited by Jackson’s off the field issues and San Diego’s exorbitant compensation demands, which have been speculated to be multiple high round picks for teams in the AFC.

The high profile arrest of Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards earlier this season for driving under the influence has given many teams around the league pause in their dealings with players that have a history of the same problem, and while Jackson has kept a relatively low profile as of late, having multiple arrests for that offense certainly hasn’t helped his cause.

The possibility remains that Jackson could be traded before next week’s trade deadline, but the chances of that happening are fading fast, as teams aren’t likely to be willing to part with the amount of draft picks the Chargers are looking for at this point in the year.

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