Mock Draft Round One – Week 7 Update

Written by Chris Kolb

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With the season getting close to the halfway point, I’ve decided to start breaking down each pick in our mock draft, starting with the first ten selections. In the next few updates, I’ll be adding my thoughts on each pick, culminating with the playoff teams and Super Bowl representatives.

The draft order is based loosely off my week seven Power Rankings, with adjustments made for playoff teams and scenarios.

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* Indicates trade

Top Ten

1. Buffalo Bills - Andrew Luck (QB – Stanford)

The 2010 Bills are quite possibly one of the worst teams in recent memory and big part of that has to do with the play they’ve had at quarterback this season. Releasing Trent Edwards was long overdue, but it only exacerbated the problem, as Buffalo now has next to nothing to work with at the position. Enter Andrew Luck, who may or may not decide to enter this draft, but if he does, he should be on the top of the Bills board from day one, given his outstanding leadership, arm strength, and mobility.

2. Carolina Panthers – A.J. Green (WR – Georgia)

If there’s an offense that’s worse than the one fielded each week by the Panthers, I haven’t seen it as of yet, and the number one priority for Carolina in this draft has to be to upgrade that group in any way, shape, or form. Green certainly fits the bill on that front, dominating opposing defenses all season long with his size, speed, and ball skills. Obviously, he’s hasn’t proven anything yet, but early comparisons to Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss aren’t that far off.

3. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson (CB – LSU)

I doubt you could have found one sane individual coming into the season that would have predicted the 49ers would play as poorly as they have thus far, but here they stand, on the verge of complete collapse in week seven. This team clearly has the talent to compete with just about anyone, but having complete morons calling the plays every week definitely doesn’t help, and as such, they’ll undoubtedly be going in a different direction this off-season. Whether that will translate into a change at quarterback is anyone’s best guess, but for the time being, I’m saying no, leaving Peterson as the best player available at a position of need.

4. Cleveland Browns – Marcel Dareus (DE/DT – Alabama)

The Browns are once again looking at a top five draft pick (Surprise!) but that’s not to say that things aren’t on their way up in Cleveland, as Mike Holmgren seems to have a plan in place that makes some sense for a change. It’s tough to say if Colt McCoy is going to be a legitimate option at quarterback going forward, but for now, I suspect that Holmgren is going to bulk up the interior on both sides of the ball and search for talent for McCoy to work with in this draft. That makes Dareus is definite option here, as he’s shown the versatility and talent needed to be an immediate starter up front in the Browns 3-4 defense.

5. Detroit Lions – Prince Amukamara (CB – Nebraska)

I like what the Lions have done over the past two seasons, stockpiling talent, and taking their team from the butt of almost every joke to a club worthy of respect. That said, they still have significant needs, especially in their secondary, making it imperative that their first pick go in that direction. They could decide to upgrade their offensive line, and I’m sure that Matt Stafford would agree wholeheartedly with that idea, but top five picks have to be used wisely on the best talent on the board, making Amukamara the best choice here.

6. New England Patriots - Mark Ingram (RB – Alabama) *

Somehow, the Patriots always seem to find a way to finagle a top ten pick in the draft and this year is no different, having acquired this selection courtesy of their brilliant trade of Richard Seymour to the Raiders last year. Bill Belichick will undoubtedly put it to good use, and while a few other options could be possible depending on just how bad Oakland ends up playing this year, Ingram would seem to be the best choice, given his versatility as a runner and receiver out of the backfield.

7. Dallas Cowboys – Brandon Harris (CB – Miami)

Three cornerbacks going in the first ten picks isn’t something that happens very often, but this group deserves it, as they all have the ability to be game changers from day one. Harris has been outstanding all season long for the Canes, making him an attractive option here for the Cowboys, who have a definite need at the position, with Terrance Newman on his way out in the near future.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Ryan Mallett (QB – Arkansas)

The quarterback situation is so horrendous in Jacksonville right now that they’re resorting to having a 38 year old nobody in Todd Bouman start against the Chiefs this Sunday. Mallett has his faults, but a big arm isn’t one of them, and he should put up big enough numbers through the remainder of the season to warrant a selection here.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Joseph Barksdale (OT – LSU)

Some people have dropped Barksdale down the board as of late, but for my money, they’re isn’t a better tackle available in this class, and his stock will undoubtedly go up in the near future. The Bengals wasted a pick two years ago on Andre Smith, who is more suited to professional buffet eating than professional football, making the offensive tackle spot a huge need going into the off-season.

10. Denver Broncos – Allen Bailey (DE/DT – Miami)

Denver hasn’t been able to do jack up front this year, allowing pretty much every opposing offense to run right over them at crucial points in each game. Adding Bailey should change that pretty quick, and could help in generating their pass rush as well.

Middle of the Road

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn (DE – Iowa)

12. Seattle Seahawks – Jake Locker (QB – Washington)

13. Chicago Bears – Robert Quinn (DE – North Carolina)

14. Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller (DE/LB – Texas A&M)

15. Minnesota Vikings – Mike Pouncey (OG – Florida)

16. Washington Redskins – Julio Jones (WR – Alabama)

17. Miami Dolphins – Aaron Williams (CB – Texas)

18. Tennessee Titans – Travis Lewis (LB – Oklahoma)

19. San Diego Chargers -Nick Fairley (DE/DT – Auburn)

20. Houston Texans – Ras-I Dowling (CB – Virginia)

Post-season Material

21. St. Louis Rams – Jonathan Baldwin (WR – Pitt)

22. Kansas City Chiefs – Michael Floyd (WR – Notre Dame)

23. Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Castonzo (OT – Boston College)

24. Green Bay Packers – Ryan Williams (RB – Virginia Tech)

25. Atlanta Falcons – Jeremy Beal (DE – Oklahoma)

26. Baltimore Ravens – Derek Sherrod (OT – Mississippi State)

27. Philadelphia Eagles – Curtis Brown (CB – Texas)

28. New England Patriots – Cameron Jordan (DE/DT – Cal)

29. New York Giants – Bruce Carter (LB – North Carolina)

30. New York Jets – Akeem Ayers (DE/LB – UCLA)

31. New Orleans Saints – Da’Quan Bowers (DE – Clemson)

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ryan Broyles (WR – Oklahoma)

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