Revis unsure of availability against Broncos

After spending much of the night struggling to contain his assignments, there is a significant level of concern on the part of the Jets for cornerback Darrelle Revis and his continued ability to physically dominate opposing receivers the way he has in the past.

Speaking to reporters after New York’s 29-20 victory over the Vikings, Revis indicated that his hamstring was extremely sore following the game and wasn’t at the level he thought it would be. Revis also opened the door to the possibility that he won’t be able to play next week in Denver.

“I felt soreness during the game,” Revis. “I could tell my hamstring was hurting…. Some plays it would hurt and some plays it wouldn’t. It started in the first quarter. For me, it was just fighting through it. If I knew I was going to be a hindrance to the team, then I would have called it quits and went in.”

“This process is kind of frustrating, because I’ve never been hurt during the season,” Revis added. “I want to be out there so bad with my teammates and win games. I need to learn patience right now and get back to 100 percent.”

Revis was beat on multiple occasions by Minnesota wide receiver Percy Harvin, including a 34 yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter, and looked slow coming out his breaks throughout the majority of the game.

If Revis is unable to play next week, expect last night’s hero, Dwight Lowery, who picked off an errant Brett Favre pass for a touchdown, to step into the fold and receive extensive playing time against a Broncos offense that has put up outstanding passing numbers thus far. Another option for the Jets is Drew Coleman, who played well early on with Revis off the field.

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