Ward critical of owner’s 18 game proposal

Written by Chris Kolb

Topics: NFL News

In recent weeks, there’s been no shortage of comments from both sides of the issue, on the proposed 18 game schedule that the NFL’s owners are hoping to finalize in the near future.

Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is the latest to join that chorus, decrying the addition of two games to a season that already takes a major toll on the players health wise.

“I’ll probably be the last double-digit guy,” said Ward, the Steelers’ career receptions leader who is in his 13th season. “The 10-year guys you won’t see any more, except for your quarterbacks. The running backs, you’re really going to see a short lifetime span. The season’s just too long (already).”

Most players tend to agree with Ward and want to see a more detailed plan from the league with regard to compensation before they’d be willing to sign on to any proposal that extends the season. For their part, the NFL is pushing hard for the extra two games, in large part because of the projected increase in revenue it would bring, along with fan sentiment against the current schedule of having four pre-season games. 

Any addition of games to the schedule will likely have to come during the upcoming negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement, as the players will undoubtedly prefer to have their future secure before agreeing to any further contests.

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