Broncos staying the course with McDaniels

Written by Chris Kolb

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After getting off to a stellar start in his first season at helm in Denver, Josh McDaniels has seen his team and head coaching career pushed to the brink of being pushed into the scrap heap.

The toughest blow came early last week with the revelation that the Broncos video director Steve Scarneccia filmed a portion of the 49ers practice prior to the two team’s playing each other in London, England. McDaniels was quick to deny his having used the video for strategic purposes, going so far as to say he said no thanks to Scarneccia when the video was offered to him, but the controversy still remains, and the NFL hastily slapped him and the Broncos as a whole with matching $50,000 fines.

Combined with his team’s dismal performance thus far, it was more a matter of when rather than if McDaniels would be fired, and many around the league openly speculated he would be finished by the season’s end.

Fortunately for McDaniels, the only opinion that matters is that of team owner Pat Bowlen and earlier this evening, he delivered a firm endorsement of his young head coach that all but guarantees McDaniels will be coaching the Broncos through next season at the very least.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Bowlen clearly indicated he was not interested in making a coaching change now or in the off-season. Obviously those sentiments could change if the other shoe drops in Spygate Part II or if his team completely gives up on him down the stretch, but for the time being it seems as though the fans in Denver will see McDaniels on the sideline next year.

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  • ScottTheDott

    Trying not to be a KC homer but I have concluded that the man-child Bronco’s head coach has more than a few problems with “video’s”. First, the manchild was in the middle of the Pats getting video just before the Super Bowl. Second, getting video of the 49′ers in the UK. Third, what has bothered me from the time it happened. Before the total & utter beat down of our Chief’s really got started. With Denver being up 14-0 late in the first quarter, the Chief’s had a crucial coaches challenge that would have had a HUGE momentum shift towards KC. The ref went under the hood for 1 minute & 30 seconds only to come out to announce to the crowd that the replay was “having technical difficulties & would not be reviewed”. The way it all went down just sounded sleazy. I pride myself at looking at everything objectively without a bunch of conspiracy junk. Denver will one day soon wish that they had never let Josh McDaniels in the door. We all teach our kids not to cheat & make every attempt to do the right thing…..let me say that my teenagers have more character than Josh McDaniels. None of us are perfect but the man child is bad news for the entire Bronco’s organization.

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