Packers set to release Al Harris

Written by Chris Kolb

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It’s a day that comes for almost every player sooner or later, but it’s never fun to see a team move on from a longtime standout in a different direction, especially when that player has meant as much as Al Harris has to Green Bay.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN 540 Milwaukee, the Packers are slated to terminate their relationship with Harris sometime tomorrow morning, culminating seven seasons with the team, in which he played in 102 games and registered 15 interceptions.

Harris sent out a text message late last night with news on his pending release, and while he harbors no ill will towards Green Bay, he definitely believes he deserved a shot to regain his starting role with the team, in spite of his backup, Tramon Williams, having an outstanding season in his stead.

“I lost my job to injury, but I have only good things to say about Green Bay and everyone I worked with. It’s been an awesome, awesome ride. Will I play again? Yes. I just have to wait it out, see how it goes,” he said. “I don’t know how it’s going to go. We’ll just wait and see.”

Harris will be best remembered by Packers fans for his electrifying 52 yard interception return for a touchdown in overtime to beat the visiting Seahawks in the 2003 Playoffs. If he can prove he’s healthy he should draw interest from multiple teams in need of an experienced veteran to step into their defensive secondary and shut down their opponent’s passing attack.

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