Redskins wake up, lock McNabb down with major extension

Two weeks ago, the Redskins were the talk of the league for the wrong reasons, as they inexplicably benched Donovan Mcnabb for backup quarterback Rex Grossman with just two minutes remaining in a game against Detroit. Predictably, Grossman fumbled the game away, giving the Lions a late game defensive touchdown and eventually the victory.

That decision led to plenty of bickering between McNabb and head coach Mike Shanahan, who chose to exacerbate the problem by giving an atrocious set of answers as to why he pulled McNabb from the game, saying he felt Grossman was better prepared to run Washington’s two minute offense.

After rolling through their bye week in week nine, both sides settled down a bit, choosing to work out their issues in private instead of sniping at each other in the media. Coming into this week’s game, all seemed well with McNabb and Shanahan, but what happened this morning shocked just about everyone involved, as the Redskins reached an agreement with McNabb on a new five year deal, worth an estimated $78 million, with $40 million of that guaranteed.

While some will criticize Washington for potentially overpaying McNabb after their very public dispute, the fact is that without McNabb, the Redskins would be a team at or near the bottom of the league, as they have next to nobody behind him as of right now.

McNabb hasn’t had a year to remember thus far, but with the season really starting to heat up, and weak NFC up for grabs, there’s plenty of time for him to show the team and their fans just how important he is to their team. And considering the kind of cash McNabb would demand on the open market next off-season, the Redskins made a wise choice in locking up McNabb now to a deal that makes sense for them on multiple levels.

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