Asomugha sets sights on Jets, Packers

Now that Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has surprisingly found a way out of his contract with Oakland, his potential landing spots are beginning to shape up, as those who know him well are offering up their predictions.

According to former Raiders beat writer David White (now with the San Francisco Chronicle), Asomugha has long wanted to play for a proven winner, and his next home will likely come down to two locales: Green Bay and New York. The main motivating factor for a move to the Packers is Asomugha’s close friendship with standout cornerback Charles Woodson, and while it would seem that there wouldn’t be much in the way of space for him with the Jets, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them unload another player or two to make room for Asomugha next season.

A return back to Oakland is almost assuredly not in the cards, although it’s possible that Raiders owner Al Davis pulls out the stops and offers Asomugha another major contract to keep him in the fold. In any case, the team that does end up landing Asomugha will undoubtedly have to fork over one of the largest contracts in the history of the NFL, given his proven skill at a premium position.

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  • Sumboudy89

    That would be sweet! Especially with CW moving to safety in another year or so

  • Slappo

    No way and i mean no way does Ted Thompson dish out the kind of cash if would take to sign him.


    imagine..revis,cromatie and nnamdi..all they would need its a great pass rusher in the draft or trade.
    still dont know about kris jenkins..always getting hurt. then we get out top safety back leonard..pool will be on his second year in rex defensive scheme..but its a long shot..COME HOME asomugha JETS BABY…

  • Ragg

    He doesn’t want to play for a winner, because if he did, New England should have been at the top of his list.

  • W_keith

    i agree slappo never in a million years!!

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