Should Vilma be banned for life? Chris Kluwe thinks so

Written by Chris Kolb | Posted on 22 March 2012


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Throughout the entire BountyGate saga, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been one of the loudest voices of criticism levied towards New Orleans, vigorously attacking anyone supporting the Saints use of money to incentivize injuries to opponents.

Kluwe took to the airwaves in the Twin Cities this afternoon to discuss the punishments handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday and the possible sections against the players involved, going so far as to say that linebacker Jonathan Vilma should be banned for life.

“I think this is a spot,” Kluwe said, “where the [NFLPA] definitely has to take a stand and say, ‘Look, you put other guys’ livelihoods in danger. You’re jeopardizing other guys’ chances to play.’ Football is violent enough as it is. It’s hard enough to stay healthy in the league and so by maliciously trying to hurt people they need to show, we need to show, that there’s no place in the game for that kind of behavior.”

As the punter on the Vikings squad that faced off against the Saints in the 2010 NFC title game, Kluwe had a first hand look at the violence being enacted against quarterback Brett Favre in that contest, and even commented to kicker Ryan Longwell during the game about the possibility of a bounty being placed on Favre.

A lifetime ban would be unprecedented in the NFL and would be comparable to the punishment levied against Pete Rose by Major League Baseball in response to gambling on games in which he managed his club.

It’s difficult to imagine that the league would go that far in punishing Vilma, or any player involved for that matter, as it would be extraordinarily difficult to enforce given the power of the NFLPA. Any extended suspension of that type would undoubtedly be challenged by appeal and later through legal means in court.


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